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Accommodating the entire value chain from promising startups to major entrepreneurs, Construction City is where companies meet to share insights, collaborate on projects and lift the industry’s competitiveness. Please get in touch to learn more about the opportunities. We would love to hear from you.

Vegard JPG

Vegard Storaunet

Project manager Cluster 971 36 333 Linkedin
IM3 0697 Kiran

Kirandip Kaur

Communication- and marketing adviser Cluster 452 21 273 Linkedin
IM3 0760 Camilla

Camilla Krogh

CEO Real Estate 982 10 069 Linkedin
IM3 0718 Harald

Harald Gründel

Project developer Real Estate 466 20 508
IM3 0759 vv1

Henrik Nokhart

Project manager Cluster 924 12 441 Linkedin
IM3 0727 Gunnar

Gunnar Irby

Projectmanager Real Estate 982 10 149 Linkedin